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We have a lot to offerWe have a lot to offer


or better: Torgau and its enviroment

In cases of culture, landscape or history - Torgau's position in the north of Saxonia has a lot objects of interest. We'll give you further information while your stay.


Schloss Hartenfels 
Schloss Hartenfels is one of the most impartant buildings during the early renaissance. The castle ist the biggest among the survining buildings of that period.


The "Elberadweg" is one of the most  popular bike courses within Germany. Pick up your bicyle and enjoy nature, culutre and hospitality.
Very important: we've got enough secure space for your bikes, so that ypu can sleep without worries.


The Torgau brigde
during the end of WWII there became a photo to world wide prominence, that wrote history. On Apr, 25th russian an american soldiers made their handshake on the bridge of Torgau  - a symbol for the end of WWII.


Dübener Heide
Phantastic for walking and bike riding: The preserve area of Düberner Heide. Extensive forrests, unaffected Moors as well as placid small cities.



Leipzig (55 km) - where Johann Sebastian Bach left his tracks
Leipzig has a big tradition in music, that is mainly caused by the work of Johann Sebastian Bachs and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdys. So the Gewandhausorchesters and the Thomaner choir stay in that tradition. Also worth to watch: the Völkerschlachtdenkmal and Europes biggest railway station.


Meissen (60 km) - Porzellan manufactury
Porcellan from Meißen, the oldest european manufactory, was one of the leading porcellan manufacturies during the 18th century, establisehd in 1710.


Lutherstadt Wittenberg
only 50 km away from Tograu - following Martin Luther's and the reformation's track.  Wittenberg situated at river Elbe has as much to see as Torgau an invites to an intersting trip.


Bauhaus Dessau
just 1 h by car - the legendary Bauhaus Dessau with its still in the present defining designs and the bungalows of world famous russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and german architect Walter Gropius.


Wörlitzer Park near Dessau (approx. 1 h by car)
The Wörlitzer Park, is a considerably part of the  UNESCO world heritage ?Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreiches?. Built in the 2nd half of the 18th century during the regency of prince Leopold III. Friedrich Franz from Anhalt-Dessau (1740?1817).


Dresden (90 min. by car - Frauenkirche, Semperoper, Zwinger
Dresden is world famous as a city of art and culture on a high international level as well as a part of UNESCO world heritage. Especially worth to watch: the rebuilt Frauenkirche, that was completely destroyed during the WWII.


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